A Christmas Story

David Thornell

12/20/20231 min read

Good news is that there are A LOT of gifts under the tree to choose from. As a matter of fact, there are lots of gifts under a lot of trees. All over the world. Not so good news is that you can choose only one. At least, one at a time.

This describes the most basic search parameter and-or quandary for any company that is looking for a new location. They get to pick the community. In other words, they get to choose the gift that best matches their desires and needs. The community only gets to create, wrap and promote their “gift” (themselves) as the best one to choose., but the choice is never yours. Its theirs.

Within this process of choosing, there are many aspects of “the gift” that will be considered.

Have you reduced the risks involved in choosing your town?

Have you reduced the up-front and recurring costs?

Have you made your community a desirable place to live, work and operate a business?

Have you prepared a workforce that is proven, capable and adequate in numbers to fill immediate and future needs?

Do you have a prepared site or building that is not only workable but desirable in price and features?

Have you created a business-friendly environment that supports the success of employers in a variety of ways?

Have you created a hook, which is something-anything that pulls their attention your way?

Do you have a difference-maker that causes your community (gift) to stand out and above the competition?

If so, Merry Christmas! Your future looks bright. Enjoy the holidays as happy days are ahead of you. Remember as you spend quality time with friends and family that business recruitment is also about making friends and adopting-treating new companies like family. Their choice involves many bottom-line cost factors, but the quality-closeness of personal level interactions with decision-makers have a way to smooth negotiations by creating trust and goodwill.