Speaking at your next Event -you choose key points/issues to address

Two to Three Day On-site Community Evaluation & Recommendations- Let us spot and share strategies on maximizing the things that you already have, but have missed. These include underutilized properties or facilities, natural-built assets, geographic or location-based assets, anything that can be converted into prime opportunities to build your reputation and economy. What, you don't see it? I can guarantee that we will. Lean on the experience, ideas and literal VIEW of outside experts. See blog page, "You are Not Seeing Clearly."

Community Leaders Training Session- -A one to two-day orientation covering the topics in the book, based on which best fits your teams need for instruction and morale boost. Works great for Board Retreats to re-energize your leadership on what it takes to succeed.

Community & Economic Development Organization Start-up Structure or Restructure-

DO you need a brand new organization or a realignment-consolidation of various community and economic development entities? Let Small Town Solutions create a lead organization that aligns your community resources and strengths with your overall shared goals. Many communities could benefit from a fresh start, or at least need a refresh and re-examine process to evaluate how their current organization is delivering services efficiently and effectively in these very competitive times. This process includes how to gain community buy-in, plus branding-image processes to assure a strong "out of the gate" launch. The product of this collaboration will be a detailed outline of the new or improved organization, including an organizational chart and job descriptions for staff, as well as volunteer leaders. Everyone has a job to do. The end product will show who does what, how and why.

Book Signings included with every purchase, upon request.