Every Hit and Miss determines your Final Score


3/18/20231 min read

In the competitive world of community and economic development you are judged on every factor that those making a decision consider important to them, or to their business. In other words, this means that over the course of comparison-shopping it is likely that everything about your town gets a plus or minus score. The good news is that if someone is interested in a small town as a place to visit (spend time and money), live, start, relocate or expand a business, this is your first major positive. This means that they are leaning your way, or else they would be comparing metro-urban environments to determine a winner. SO YES, you are better off than you think you are. You have multiple opportunities to win over those who are already won over by the things a small town can offer.

To capitalize on this, ask yourself daily, what am I doing to make my community even better than it is today? Improvements can come in many forms-actions, but you get to choose. My recommendation is to make a list of your worst and your best features. Work on those. It is likely that the worst is long overdue for attention and the thing that makes the best impression (your key asset) is already drawing in much-needed economic activity. Don’t underestimate how this gem when polished can always draw in more.

How bout this plan? Evaluate where you are, determine where you want to go-grow, then act on these things. In doing, you can celebrate watching your score grow and winning more competitions, as there is ALWAYS competition.