Simple Math, Spectacular Results

The problems before you have an answer, but you must find-choose your own formula to solve .

11/30/20231 min read

Add 1, subtract 1 does not put you back to zero. If done right it can mean a high number of positive outcomes, just by doing 2 things. So here's your assignment as a community elected or appointed leader. Choose and add one thing that will benefit your community, its citizens and businesses, the most. The thing that will make their life and livelihood thrive. The thing that will exponentially grow their appreciation of living-working in your community.. How do you know what to do? This is something that is currently missing, or may be there, but is an underdeveloped or untapped resource. It is also something that has been mentioned for years by those who have opinions, i.e. EVERYONE. These conversations normally begin with, "what we really need around here is..........," or, "we would have gotten that (one) if we had a ..............." Once you have determined the one thing worth adding to your communities list of attributes, formulate a plan and organize a team to make it happen.. Sharing the input, sharing the workload, sharing the accomplishment all adds up to better results.

Same with the thing that you really need to get rid of. These are the things, including local ordinances and accepted practices, that have served their usefulness, as times have changed, facilities have aged, or "a city of our size and quality just doesn't need to have __________ any more.." Fill in the blank by what people have noticed, mentioned, are constantly bothered by, even despise. This is something that holds you back rather than moves you forward, It is one of those things that once done (put in the past) you will wish you had done it sooner. Choose one. Eliminate it. Celebrate that its gone, as a city with an eye on the future, you don't do and-or-have that any more.

That's it! Add one. Subtract one. There is an old saying that "I can't do everything, but I can do something." Another is, "if one is good, two is even better." It definitely adds up. Do the math!